What do you know about Zep’s journey?

The creator of the beloved comic series "Titeuf," Zep, is venturing into new creative territories, exploring the realms of poetry and music with his latest projects. 

Known for his witty and irreverent portrayal of childhood through the eyes of his iconic character Titeuf, Zep is now channeling his artistic talents into crafting poetry and embracing the transformative power of music. 

For Zep, music transcends the realm of mere hobby and has evolved into a second profession, reflecting a lifelong passion deeply intertwined with his artistic identity. In a recent interview with AFP, Philippe Chappuis reflects on the profound significance of music in his life, tracing its origins to his formative years as a fervent fan of the legendary British rock band Led Zeppelin. 

In essence, Zep's journey from fanzine enthusiast to accomplished artist underscores the transformative influence of music on his creative evolution. As he continues to navigate the intersecting realms of music and visual art, he remains a steadfast advocate for the transformative power of artistic expression to shape perceptions, evoke emotions, and transcend cultural boundaries. 


Photo credits : Photographie Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP© 

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